sensory diet

(n.) the images, sounds, touch, smells and tastes that feed our consciousness


Welcome to A Wholesome Diet! I’m Jaye Elizabeth, and I’m here on a new platform documenting journeys. This blog is mostly a growing and sharing space for creative journeys, through art making and inspiration gathering. But it’s also a place for other kinds of journeys, those through personal growth, self-care, the transition from high school to college, and my fast-approaching, very physical move from a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio to New York, New York.

A Wholesome Diet was born out of my search for a platform on which to process the media I consume, while documenting the creations born of the digestion of such media. Here, I’ll share my own sensory diet: what I watch, read, taste, hear, breathe in. Here, I’ll share what nourishes me and sustains my growth, and what I build because of it.

So welcome, I am so excited to embark on this new journey with you.


[Photo by Deogracias Lerma for Polly Magazine]